Bickering Crime Photography on the Next Dusty Attic

Tune in to The Dusty Attic with Ryan O. on Mushroom Escape every Monday at midnight, 4AM, 8AM, noon, 4PM and 8 Pm Eastern Time. We pay tribute to the golden age of radio; that period between 1930 and sometime in the 1950’s when radio entertainment reigned supreme in America.

On the next episode, we’ll listen to an unaired pilot of The Bickersons. Not every marriage was sugar-coated in the style of Ozzie and Harriet. John and Blanch Bickerson were probably closer to real life married people than most on-air couples. Take a listen and you just might appreciate your spouse a little more. Or you might learn a few more insults to hurl their direction during the next argument. We’ll also run an episode of Casey, Crime Photographer. I’ll leave it up to the listener to decide which program is the more violent of the two.

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