A Suspenseful Secret Word on the Next Dusty Attic

Tune in to The Dusty Attic every Monday at midnight, 4AM, 8AM, noon, 4PM, and 8PM on Mushroom Escape. We present the best of the golden age of radio; that period between 1930 and sometime in the 1950’s when radio entertainment was champion in America.

On the next episode, Ryan O. will pay tribute to the late, great, Olivia de Havilland by running her one and only appearance on Suspense. Spoiler: She doesn’t flex her chops as she does in Gone With the Wind, but it’s a half hour well spent. And, because Bruce requested it, and because we don’t dare tell him no for fear of consequences, we’ll run an episode of You Bet Your Life, starring the comedic genius of Groucho Marx. Groucho had a sharp-tongued wit that allowed him to earn a living by bringing people in front of an audience and making fun of them. If he were alive today, maybe he could run for president. At least he was funny.

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