Snowwhite FM

Somewhere, out in the middle of nowhere, is a tiny, mythical radio station called SnowWhite FM. The station features pop music of the 60's and 70's, and the hosting talents of one who calls himself The Snowman. The station is definitely not a music machine. Well known for the Snowman Radio Broadcast, a satirical talk program from around the turn of the century, the Snowman brings a warm and witty personal touch to the presentation, punctuating the programming with lots of background information about the songs and artists, interesting tidbits, and personal observations about life in general.
Unfortunately, as entertaining as it is, no one listens to SnowWhite FM. No one, that is, until we started carrying it here on the Mushroom. Now, you can listen in on what's going on at SnowWhite FM by tuning into it via the Mushroom.
Saturday evenings, at 8PM eastern US time, 1:00 A.m in the UK, we open a channel to SnowWhite FM, and give you three full hours of fun from the seventies.
The Snowman actually likes the music he plays. And, you'll feel like their is a friend, listening to the music along with you, remembering the songs, the artists, and the history surrounding them.
You'll feel that way because it is true, there really is. And, you'll feel like the Snowman is talking directly to you. Not to a big audience. But, just to you.
That's because you are the only listener he needs. So, be here, saturday evenings starting at 8 PM eastern, so he won't be broadcasting to himself.

Contacting SnowWhite FM

You can get in touch with SnowWhite FM, and the show. Just send an email to
To receive postings from the show via Twitter, follow SnowWhiteFM.