Fab music, fab news, it's got to be Beatle Beat

We have plenty of great music by the Beatles together and separately on Beatle Beat this week, including a few unusual tracks.
Did you know that back in the early 70s, Ringo Starr sang in a lavish orchestral version of The Who's rock opera, Tommy? It's just been re-released, and we'll let you hear what Ringo sounded like.
Paul is part of a brand new love song for the earth, seeking to raise awareness about climate change. We'll give it a listen.
In news, we'll hear about Ringo's latest book, yes, book, and some amazing Beatles memorabilia that's going under the hammer at a couple of auction houses.
And did you know that when the Beatles set foot in America, and changed everything in February 1964, one Beatle was visiting for a second time? I'll tell you which Beatle it was, and what he was doing there previously.
There's much more, so I hope you'll join me at 1 Pm Eastern on Monday for Beatle Beat, exclusive to the home of the fun guys, Mushroom FM.