Today on The Blind Side, accessible health kiosks, home appliance shopping and more.

The Blind Side is Mushroom FM's daily current affairs show from a blindness perspective.

On our first show today, have you ever seen those health kiosks in pharmacies and other locations? They can give you useful data about your health, and even allow you to track that data over time via the web. But you can't use them without sighted assistance, requiring you to disclose information about your health to someone else. That's going to change over time, as a result of a ground-breaking agreement involving one of the kiosk manufacturers, the Massachusetts Attorney-General's office, and the national Federation of the Blind. Chris Danielsen from NFB joins Jonathan Mosen to discuss what happens next, and how this agreement will help you stay more healthy if you live in the US.

Continuing with accessibility, we cross the pond for our next story today. If you've been shopping for home appliances lately, you'll know how careful you have to be when you select one to be sure that it's useable by a blind person. How serious is the problem? A UK organisation has recently conducted a survey to try and find out. We'll tell you more.

The Blind Side will be offering podcast reviews from time to time, and we hope you'll send us reviews of podcasts, both blindness-specific and not, that you think are worth a listen. Today, we're reviewing The Axe Files, a great listen if you're into US politics.

And finally, Monday is the day we talk with Dan Frye, our US correspondent, about items of news there. It's an extended discussion today as we look at the two US political party conventions that have just concluded, and we discover a significant disability issue that has made it into both major party platforms.

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