The Mosen Explosion, all dressed in pink

Well, cherubs, that week just sped by, did it not. It doesn't seem long ago that I was telling you about another Mosen Explosion here on Mushroom FM. And look, here I am again, telling you about another Mosen Explosion on Mushroom FM. And it's a completely different Mosen Explosion on Mushroom Fm than the last time I was hear telling you about a Mosen Explosion on Mushroom FM, which was a different Mosen Explosion on Mushroom FM again. Incredible!

I'm counting the hours until the big Apple reveal. Are you? What are you hoping for?

I'll try not to be feeling too spoiled and lethargic, as I recover from being pampered on father's day. I'll tell you about this intriguing little device one of the bananas has given me for father's day, which at this point, I've been too scared to plug into the wall.

We've got some really crazy wacky news in the mix this week, plus a look back in history and the Bonnie bulletin. Plus, there's plenty of room for your contributions, which we love, whether they come from Twitter, email, or the explodaphone, where we actually get to play your voice on the radio. That number, which you can call at any time, is 206-600-5486.

September 6th 1944 is Roger Waters's birthday. He was a key figure in Pink Floyd, so we'll play a few of their tracks on this week's show. Got a favourite Floyd track, request it at once, that's what I say.

I hope you'll join me for plenty of great music, friendly fun and listener interaction. It's the Mosen Explosion on Sunday at 2 PM Eastern, 7 UK, that's Monday bright and early at 6 AM here in New Zealand. All here on the home of the fun guys.