It's easier than ever to broadcast with us. An audio demo explains

Have you heard all of the cool new shows coming from our Mushroom Pot yet? It’s entering week three of service today. Based on measurements of traffic to our servers, it seems that many of you have discovered all the great new shows, and are listening longer. Thank you so much.

Not only is the Mushroom Pot providing a wider variety of shows for listeners than ever before, but it's profoundly changed how easy it is to be a part of the team. The cost of getting involved, in terms of time and finances, has never been lower. It’s a really cool way for you to get involved in this Internet broadcasting thing with very little investment or effort. If you have some kind of microphone that sounds good, then that’s all that’s required. No complex, expensive broadcasting or streaming software needed. We provide you, free of charge, with the software that connects you to our server so you can host your show through the Mushroom Pot.

Even better, if you’re busy and have been reluctant to get involved with us in the past because of concerns about the time commitment, voice tracking means that even if you give us a couple of hours a week, you can host multiple shows that can still be engaging and interesting for listeners.

Want to learn more about joining us? We now have a much expanded Join Page.

Plus, we’ve produced a 10-minute audio demo to show you just how simple it now is to host a show on Mushroom FM through the Mushroom Pot. Take a listen to the audio demo.

We’re very proud to have significantly lowered the barriers to participation in the exciting medium of Internet radio. We look forward to hearing from you if you’d like to join us.