Next Monday, our Tech Team brings you comprehensive analysis of Apple's Big Reveal

Next Monday, Apple’s Worldwide developers conference begins with a big reveal. We’ll find out about many of the key new features in iOS 10, the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that will be released later in the year. We’ll learn about the name and feature set of the next version of the operating system for the Mac, which may even get a new name. There may be software announcements pertaining to Apple Watch and Apple TV, and who knows what other surprises Apple may have in store.

WWDC is aimed at developers, so the presentation can get a bit geeky. And due to limited time, a lot of information is flashed up on the screen in presentation slides that are not spoken about during the presentation. To get a straightforward, comprehensive analysis and summary of all the big news, you won’t want to miss our special Tech Team presentation on Mushroom FM right after the event.

One thing we promise. We’ll offer you detailed, constructive analysis. This is no Apple commercial. The team brings a range of perspectives to the show that will help you understand where Apple is innovating, where they’re catching up and where they’re behind.

On our tech team for this show are:

Allison Hartley, so much of an Apple fan that she even includes the brand in her own Twitter Name, @AppleAlli. She’s also the co-host of the Tech Doctor podcast.

Steve Nutt knows his way around iOS and VoiceOver, but he’s a committed Android user and advocate. If you’re debating whether your next device should be iOS or Android, Steve will offer his views on how Apple’s announcements stack up from an Android user’s perspective.

Heidi Mosen is an iOS user and tech geek. She also is unique on the Tech Team show in that she has eyeballs that work. As already mentioned, these Apple presentations display a lot of information on-screen that isn’t discussed. Heidi will be taking copious notes during the keynote event, so she can answer detailed questions and comment on user interface and other issues she’s been able to see from the demos.

And I, Jonathan Mosen, will be chiming in, moderating the conversation, and doing my best to ensure you’re informed and entertained.

The Tech Team will begin by discussing the big news among themselves, then we’ll open it up for discussion to find out what you think. You can Skype us, or call us via numbers all over the world. Details about those numbers closer to the time. We’ll also be monitoring the #MushroomFM Twitter hashtag.

If you have an interest in tech from a blindness perspective, you’ll want to set two hours aside to join the Tech Team. We go to air right after the keynote, at 4 PM Eastern, 9 PM UK, next Monday 13 June. See you then.