The Mosen Explosion, four hours of fun to sink your teeth into

Barring any teething troubles, we're back again with another Mosen Explosion on Mushroom FM. Why the management allows this, I really do not understand. Nevertheless, we have four hours to fill, and if I brush up on my technical skills, I just feel we're gonna manage to send all those bytes through the Ether.

I've been doing the wacky news segment on the show for a very long time, at least 15 years. Yet I think this week is the first time there's been a wacky news story involving blind people, and it is so wacky that I hope I can read it without dissolving into hysterics.

David banana will put in an appearance, as he gladly takes time to do a banana report rather than study for forthcoming exams. And, I mean, fair enough! If you had the choice between studying for exams and being on Mushroom FM, what would you do, eh?

Bonnie's here with her bulletin, which should be interesting, as she's been at a conference all weekend.

I've also got good news about a show I used to do a long time ago that was popular at the time, and is making a return. Golly!

And this week, I'm proud to say, we took possession of our new, high-tech, Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes, with reasonably accessible iOS app. I kid you not! Welcome to the era of the Internet of things, where even your Toothbrush wants permission to post to Facebook! I'm not sure how many songs there are specifically about teeth or toothbrushes. Yes there are loads about food or eating, but that seems like the easy way out. I leave this in your capable hands. Anyone who can point me to a song about their toothbrush posting to Facebook gets chocolate fish.

You're welcome to get in touch via email, the contact form on the Mushroom FM website, Twitter, or you can call the Explodaphone, whose return seems to have been warmly welcomed. It's a US number, and is 206-600-5486. Leave a message pertinent to the show, and it might just get played on the Mushroom thing.

So I'm looking forward very much to another fun four hours, right after Brian and Lulu, Sunday at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, 6 Am on Monday in the Zealand of New.
Don't wanna tune in? Well...bite me.