You're invited to the Mosen Explosion welcome home party

We're in celebration mode at Mosen Towers, and Bonnie even woke up at stupid o'clock to make me a huuuuuuuge mushroom omelette. But I'm taking time out from the celebrations to send you a personal invitation to the Mosen Explosion welcome home party on Mushroom FM.

We're back home, at the same old time, 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, right after Down for Double with Brian and Lulu.

Not only are we back on Mushroom FM, but we've brought back a familiar, popular way of getting in touch. Yes, the Explodaphone is back, and I'd love to have you phone in with your requests and welcome home messages.

The magic number to call is a US one, 206-600-5486. Just repeating that, 206-600-5486. Call in any time, leave a message, and we'll play it on the air. Cool eh?

We have plenty of wacky news, history, and fun in the mix. The Bonnie bulletin is along as well, even though she has her own Mushroom FM show now. And in general, we're just looking forward to seeing you, in all the old familiar places...Aw.

It's the Mosen Explosion welcome home party, right here on the home of the fun guys, Mushroom FM.