The Mosen Explosion, proudly tipping all the soup out of the super bowl

Once again, Super Bowl Sunday has rolled around, and I'd just like to say, go Yankees!

Whether you intend watching the game for the sport, the ads, the half-time entertainment or you're going to skip the thing altogether, the Mosen Explosion is here ahead of time to get you warmed up for whatever comes next.

I'll be playing a few songs about both states competing for the ultimate prize in StopStart, and if you have any favourite songs about either state, get them into me via email, Twitter, and of course on the Mosen Line at 206-600-5486 which you can call any time.

Don't worry, it's not all Carolina and Colorado, there's room for plenty of other great tunes, conversation, wacky news, history and fun.

I hope very much to see you for our four-hour fun weekly get-together, which starts at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK. The bowl may be super, but you can be sure that the Mosen Explosion is a proud soup free zone, only on