The Mosen Explosion, exploding you into next month. You're welcome!

When the Mosen Explosion is heard in the US, UK and lots of other places, it will be 31 January. 31 January? I mean like, dude! That is like totally last month! It'll be February in New Zealand by then, so we look forward to exploding you into next month with four fun hours.
I'm out of minimalist vacation mode now, so the wacky news is back, and there's even a banana report. Bonnie will be here with her bulletin. Musically, it's wide open this week, after a series of tribute shows in January.
So I hope you'll join me right after Down for Double, for four hours where your interaction makes the difference. And after all, how often do you get to tune into the future, eh?
It all happens at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK on Sunday. That's Monday at 8 AM in New Zealand. Only on See you there.