Make a request for your valentine on Monday's Love Explosion

Flowers, chocolates, and a special edition of the Mosen Explosion for Valentine's Day. Perfect, especially if rona restrictions are limiting your dining choices this year.

On Monday, it's all love songs, and I would love to get requests or dedications for the special person in your life. Declaring your love on global Internet radio? I mean dude! That is an epic way to show someone you care.

To make a request for this special show, please get in touch by Sunday at noon Eastern time, 5 PM UK. That's Monday at 6 AM in NZ. Email an audio attachment or just write something down and send it into Jonathan at If you would like to phone it in, you can do that too. The US number is +18646066736.

Put a little love in your heart, and join me for the Love Explosion at 2 AM and 2 PM Eastern on Monday, 7 AM and PM in the UK. Check the Mushroom Fm schedule to find when it's on in your time zone.