The Crew from Free-Range Sailing joins Damo on Mushroom FM.

Hi Everyone.

This week, on Damo's All Day Breakfast, I'm really excited to bring you an interview with Troy and Pascale from

This fascinating couple have spent the last 4 years circumnavigating Australia in their 50 year old, 30 foot fiberglass sailing boat, proving that you really can have the adventure of a lifetime on a very modest budget.

I found their YouTube channel a couple of months ago, and their story, and their journey has really captured my imagination, as someone who has loved anything to do with boats and the sea since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.

during the interview, Troy and Pascale share lots about life on-board a boat, including the challenges and benefits of living a self-sufficient lifestyle, and living without things like fresh water on tap.

They also have a really interesting philosophy on life and on their journey so far, and I am sure you'll enjoy their story as much as I have.
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I do hope you'll join me for this one.