Dark and Stormy Peach Cobler on the All Day Breakfast.

Hello Everyone.

In australia, a "Dark and Stormy" is a drink made with rum and ginger beer, so what happens if you combine that with tinned peaches and a pancake mix? Well, you get Dark and Stormy Peach cobler, which is a dessert fit for a king, and certainly fit for you the listener. Last weekend, it was cold and windy here in Brisbane, the perfect weather for a bit of baking, so I decided to try this one out. We enjoyed it so much, that I had to share it with you this week on the show. This recipe comes from my old mate Ranger Nick, so it has to be good right?
As always there will also be the usual mix of music, comedy, and friendly chat. I hope you'll join me (Damo) for the Dark and Stormy edition of the All Day Breakfast from 4 PM Eastern today, that's 9 PM UK, 6 AM Saturday on the east coast of Australia, and 8 AM Saturday in New Zealand.
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I hope to hear from you soon.