Here's what's coming up on Small World, only on Mushroom Escape

Are you sitting comfortably? If not, then maybe you have ants in your pants or beans in your ears. Well, whether you’re comfortable or not, sitting or otherwise, it’s time for me to remind you that Small World, the Kids’ programme for the whole family, is coming up again on Mushroom Escape. There are two fun-filled hours and I can’t wait to bring it to you.

This week, by listener request, we’re going to meet a little red engine who’s been working very hard. We’ll meet the original troll who was hassling billy goats long before there was social media. We’ll meet someone who’s very very rude, and oh so noisy when he eats his food. Yucky! We have the second and final part of the Fantastic Mr Fox. You’ll remember that last week, we left the fox family in a pretty good place. What’s in store for them this week? There’s a taxi driver who finds himself carrying a very unusual passenger. What’s up doc? Bugs Bunny has a pretty valuable lamp on his hands…ah…paws. There’s a turtle with very lofty ambitions. There are plenty of fun songs for you to sing along with. And oh, I have a riddle for you! I’ll ask it right at the beginning of the show so be sure not to be late or you’ll miss the riddle. Then I’ll answer it right at the end. Sneaky, eh? I want you to hear the whole thing!

There’s fun to be had for kids young and old, so do join me, Jonathan Mosen, on Mushroom Escape this and every Sunday at 12, 4 and 8 AM and PM Eastern time. Yes, you have six chances to hear it. You can ask your smart thing to play Mushroom Escape, find us in all your radio apps, or listen on the website at, where you’ll see the schedule in your time zone, so you know when things are on where you are. Why not tell all the kids in your life, both young and young at heart?

See you soon for Small World.