Sailing Ships, Sailing Men, and Mike's Green Chicken Curry on this week's All Day Breakfast

this week, as the title suggests, we're talking sailing ships and sailing men on the all day breakfast. That's because Marion and I had a tour of a working sailing ship last weekend, and because my latest project is to find a way to skipper my own fishing boat eyes-free. I'll tell you all about both of these things during the show. I also share a recipe which I'm calling Mike's Green Chicken Curry, and there's the usual mix of great music and friendly chat.

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I hope you'll join me (Damo) from 4 PM Eastern, that's 9 PM in the UK, 6 AM Saturday on the east coast of Australia, and 8 AM Saturday in New Zealand.
Also remember that if you miss the show, it'll be replayed on Sunday at 3 AM eastern.

I look forward to your company soon.