there's Pea and Ham Soup on the menu this week on Damo's All Day Breakfast.

This week has been a little cold in my part of the world, so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to try experimenting with cooking pea and ham soup n the pressure cooker.

As it turned out, this was the easiest pea and ham soup I've ever made, so I thought I'd share it with you this week on the show.
there's lots of other things I'd like to talk with you about, including a tandem bike update, a new Braille gadget I'm playing with, a story about portable boats that inspired me, and then of course there's string.

For all of that and more, as well as a great mix of music, wy not join me (Damo) at 4 PM U.S. Eastern, 9 PM in the UK, 6 AM Saturday on the east coast of Australia, and 8 AM Saturday in New Zealand. I look forward to your company then.