Here's what's coming up on Small World this week

At last! We’ve been counting the sleeps and feeling butterflies in our Small World tummies, but it’s nearly time for the first in this new series of Small World, the kids’ programme for the whole family.

This week, Arnold’s been helping us build the new Small World studio, but I’m not sure if it will be done on time and I think we might need more help. Plus, we’ll reveal the secret location of our Small World studio, where a lot has been going on.

You’ll meet a little lady, a little fiddle, and a very boastful, foolish koala bear who in some small way is responsible for the moon growing old every month. While we’re in Australia, we’ll hear about a bird that can’t fly.

Hissing Sid is an evil snake, and there’s only one group of intrepid animals who can save the woodland.

We’ll hear a story about how kindness and friendship always triumph in the end, and we’ll dedicate something to the original famous Small World person, without whose help and generosity we wouldn’t be able to revive the show, this time for a global audience.

There’s fun to be had for kids young and old, so do join me, Jonathan Mosen, on Mushroom Escape this and every Sunday at 12, 4 and 8 AM and PM Eastern time. Yes, you have six chances to hear it. You can ask your smart thing to play Mushroom Escape, find us in all your radio apps, or listen on the website at, where you’ll see the schedule in your time zone, so you know when things are on where you are.

See you soon for Small World. I have to go now and get back to Arnold, he just dropped a big block of wood on his foot. Bye!