The next Mosen Explosion pays tribute to Jim Steinman

Join me, Jonathan Mosen, at 2 AM Eastern or 2 PM Eastern on Mushroom Fm for a special edition of the Mosen Explosion.

I was saddened to learn of the death of Jim Steinman at age 73, and even sadder that none of the many news apps I have on my iPhone saw fit to send a push notification about the death of such a genius. Jim Steinman was a composer , lyricist, playwright and music producer, responsible for the music of one of the most popular albums of all time, Bat Out Of Hell. But his collaborations extended well beyond his work with Meatloaf and the somewhat tempestuous relationship they had over the years.

The music lives on, and the show is devoted to Jim Steinman's memory. Looking forward to your company as we remember, and rock on. It's the Mosen Explosion, only on Mushroom FM.