A big unveiling, and Rubber Soul. It's the Mosen Explosion

Oh boy! I am looking forward to getting behind that microphone this week. But I look forward to getting behind that microphone every week. This week though, we have plenty of awesomeness on the show. First of all, Mushroom FM's first big event since our return will be unveiled. And it's a really good one. It could totally change your Christmas for the better.
Continuing our series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles'' albums, it's time for Rubber Soul, released on 3 December 1965. It's amazing to think that this album, one of the classic rock albums of all time and an album that represents a significant maturing of the Beatles' output, is now half a century old. We'll play tracks from the album and tell you the stories about them, plus we'll hear the Beatles themselves talking about recording the album.
There's plenty of the usual features, and we'll throw a bit of Christmas music in the mix too. Hee Haw!
It's all part of the Mosen Explosion, right after Down for Double at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK.