In for the Zone, it's Jonnie and Bonathan, and I've waited long enough

Every year on Mushroom FM, the perennial question comes up. When shall we start playing Christmas music? When?

Well, I made a decision i did, and I decided in my decisive decision that we'd let some Christmas music slip into the playlist once the US thanksgiving is over. Now US thanksgiving is over, and I'm in the mood for the Chrissie tunes! I mean, like totally pull out the holly, put up the brightest string of lights I've ever seen. But Bonnie? Hmmm. She's less enthused. And Jonnie and Bonathan are doing three hours of live radio together, because Anne's not available to be in the zone this week.

So how will it all go? Jonathan on the buttons, and Bonnie's got the strong will. Just how much Christmas music will make it on the air?
We're really looking forward to having plenty of lively chat about this and that. You can join in by calling into the Explodaphone, and via Twitter and email.

So, fun conversation, lively bouncy chat, some great music, possibly with a bit of Christmas tuneage thrown in, they make up the ingredients for the Jonnie and Bonathan show, right after Welcome to the Weekend with Brian. The show is on Friday at 4 PM Eastery, 9 PM in Ireland and the UK.
See you there, and a happy ding dong merrily on high to you.