This weekend on Mosen At Large, new Apple shinies, more on the US elections, tech questions answered and more

Kia ora Mosen at Largers. As I write this wee message, it’s just one more sleep until the day arrives when the doorbell will ring and the courier will shove Apple’s latest shiny iPhone into my unwilling, apathetic hands. Yeah right.

Of course I’m looking forward to unboxing the iPhone 12 Pro max and putting it through its paces, particularly the new application of lidar specifically designed for blind people. I’ll be passing on my initial impressions on this week’s show. If you also have one of the new iPhones, let us know how they’re going for you. I know there is also plenty of interest in the Mini, which is even smaller than the SE.

Staying with Apple, they have given their Macs a brave new brain transplant, boasting a massive performance and battery life improvement. Should you jump on the bandwagon? I’m joined by Mac enthusiasts Katie Frederick and Janet Ingber for their impressions of Apple’s One More Thing event.

The behaviour of the outgoing President in the United States continues to be bizarre after his loss, and naturally there is plenty more comment about the election from around the world on this week’s show.

There are numerous tech questions and tips, including a really cool way to make sure your iPhone’s battery remains in top shape for longer.

There are plenty of other interesting contributions coming in, so if you’d like to raise something completely different, feel free.

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Thank you so much for listening and contributing to the show, and see you soon for Mosen At Large.

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