The Mosen Explosion's got the Piano Man for Live Music, including Your Requests

We are back, back we are, for another edition of the Mosen Explosion, another Mosen Explosion edition.

Every so often, but not often enough. Mark Wilson, New Zealand pianist, composer, musical director and stuff, joins us in the studio for some live music, including your requests. And he's here this weekend, new, improved, and with extra fibre. In the past, due to a technical limitation of a technical nature, when Mark payed the keyboard in the Mosen Towers studio, it was in mono! Boo hiss! Mono! Now, thanks to a recently upgraded upgrade, it's in stereo, and sounding twice as good. Twice as good.

It's Hoagy Carmichael's birthday, and he composed a lot of good soup. So we'll ask Mark to play one or two of Hoagy's compositions, as well as hear some recordings of his music.

No doubt inspired by the Elton John concert in Wellington this weekend, there'll be a bit of his stuff performed live. Bonnie will be here with her Bonnie Bulletin to review the concert, and we'll take a look back at this day in history.

It's going to be a fantastically unpredictable show, with live music in the studio. You won't wanna miss the Mosen Explosion. It's on right after we've gone down for double, at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, 8 AM in New Zealand.
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