Greg's Roast Beef this week on Damo's All Day Breakfast.

So Who is Greg, and what’s so special about his roast beef? You’re probably asking?

Well Greg is my Brother-in-Law from Rockhampton, and while I was up there at a wedding a couple of weeks ago, Greg and I were having a chat about camp oven cooking. We swapped a few recipes, and Greg gave me this one, which was his method of cooking roast beef.

Since we’ve talked a lot on the show about cooking in the camp oven, particularly with Ranger Nick, I thought it was time to give you a practical demonstration of the process, and so, here we are. We cooked this last weekend, and enjoyed it so much I thought I’d share the recording with you.

In addition to this, there will of course be the usual mix of great music and friendly chat.

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I hope you’ll join me from 4 PM U.S. eastern, 9 PM in the UK, and 6 AM Saturday morning on the east coast of Australia.