Join us for a retirement party and a welcoming party as one chapter ends and another begins

Like many special events in Mushroom FM's history, the virtual meets reality as Mushroom FM relocates its cyber facilities to a new, purpose-built computer designed to serve us well into our second decade of entertaining you.

We began this process by dreaming about the future. Then we designed it from scratch to be a reliable Internet radio power house. Built by Henry the famous wonder son-in-law, behind the scenes we've been testing it, and we've taken a lot of time to optimise a new signature sound for Mushroom FM that makes our style of music sound fantastic. All that is the exciting reality.

Our previous machine which we have lovingly nicknamed the Mushroom Pot has served us brilliantly, transmitting over 35,000 hours of programming to you and helping all our fun guys to bring you the shows you love. Great service deserves a fitting send off. So join us for a virtual retirement party for the old Mushroom Pot with many of the fun guys in attendance. There'll be plenty of virtual food and drink, and yes, sadly, the obligatory speeches you must have at a retirement party. Even the Mushroom Pot will get to say a few words before it is required to power itself down for the last time.

The party starts at 8 PM US Eastern time. Then, at 9 PM on 09/09, we power up our new Internet radio power house. Try to have your best audio gear locked into the 'shroom as you are going to hear the difference. We'll welcome our new Mushroom Pot 2.0 to the family, and even send our roving reporter to find out what becomes of retired Mushroom Pots anyway.

Two fun hours from the fun guys, tonight at 8 PM US Eastern time. If that's not your time zone, be sure to check the Mushroom FM schedule page to find out when it's on where you are.

Obviously we're a little bit nervous about making this huge change, but really excited to bring you the results of the many months of planning that have led to today. Let's party!