the results of the Road Test of the New Barbecue, and lots more on the All Day Breakfast.

Last week on the show, we talked a little bout what to look for when buying a barbecue. We also talked a little about my latest barbecue Purchase, which I hadn't yet put through it's paces.

this week, we'll talk through the results of it's first road test, and I'll share with you a quick and simple way to improve the humble steak. Once you've tried this, I'm sure it'll become a regular on your table too.
there's a new tech gadget I'd like to tell you about as well, and, as usual there's a great mix of music and friendly chat.

I hope you'll join me from 4 PM Eastern, 9 PM UK, and 6 AM on the east coast of Australia.

to get in touch during the show, email or tweet @damoonair using the #mushroomfm hashtag.