The exploding revolution continues. Enjoy it in full and unabridged only right here

Revolutions and explosions often go together you know!

When life changed in amazing ways for me with my new job, I was confronted by three seemingly irreconcilable truths. The first truth is that if I thought I had been leading a busy life before, I ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The second truth was that the Mosen Explosion had been going for so long that even though more people heard my podcasts, I couldn’t give it up, it was purely a heart over head, sentimental thing. I love the atmosphere we’ve all created together and it’s a great escape.

The third truth was that people kept asking if I would get back to podcasting.

So after a lot of thought regarding the content and technical way it could be done, the Mosen At Large Podcast was born, essentially slicing and dicing all the live content from the Mosen Explosion and turning it into a podcast for those who couldn’t, or preferred not to, listen live.

The result has been nothing short of incredible! Now, thousands of people engage in some form or other with this little show every week. But the best way to do that, where you can get the full experience and participate in the show live, is to join me live on Mushroom FM every Saturday at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM UK, which currently equates to 7 AM on a Sunday New Zealand time.

We have plenty of listener contributions already, with plenty of tech talk but a lot of other conversation and great music in the mix as well.

I hear on Twitter that it’s Meet the Blonde month or something. So my very favourite blonde, the incredible Blondie Bonnie Mosen, will be here with her bulletin.

Your requests, thoughts and contributions are, as ever, very welcome.

So, don’t settle for the expurgated version, ain’t nothing like the real thing baby. The full, uncensored, high protein version of the show is the Mosen Explosion, and it’s only heard ahead of Steve Cutway at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, on the mighty Mushroom FM.