The Mosen Explosion asks, will you Yodel for your Chocolate Fish Supper?

First of all, attention! Attention! If you're in Europe and your clocks have gone back this weekend, then for one crazy week only, the Mosen Explosion will start an hour earlier, because you're closer to Eastern time than usual! Attention attention attention! So we still start at 2 PM Eastern, but it's now 6 in the UK. Attention!
Right, now that I have your attention attention, here's a question for you. Just how badly, I mean, like, how like badly, do you want that rare and coveted delicacy from New Zealand, chocolate fish? We give them away every so often on the Mosen Explosion, and send this marshmallow-covered chocolate goodness right to your door.
Well, yesterday, I enjoyed hosting a one-off country show, Mosen On Down, in which there was only a tiny bit of yodelling. You know, it's a bit like serving up a recipe containing the tiniest bit of chilli powder to someone who can't stand spicy food. "Come on now, it's only got a wee bit of spice in it". And my country show only had two tiny bits of yodelling. After reflecting on the art of yodelling, I thought it might be fun to get our brave, intrepid listeners to yodel for their chocolate fish. So here's your chance. If you've always wanted to try chocolate fish, right from New Zealand, all you have to do is let me hear you yodel. There could be two ways this could go. We could find someone who is just the most amazing yodeller on the planet. Now with no disrespect to the lovely Explosion family, I'm not banking on that one. The other way it could go is that someone's yodelling is so atrocious, it's good. So really, what do you have to lose?
You can phone in with your yodelling efforts to the explodaphone at 206-600-5486, or email me a sound file. Come on, you know you really, really want that chocolate fish.
On a saner note, it's Hellen Reddy's birthday. She was born in 1942. She is woman, here her roar on this week's Mosen Explosion.
We have some groovy wacky news stories in the mix for you, we'll look back at this day in history, and the amazing Bonnie is here with her bulletin.
It promises to be a fun show, right after the amazing Down for Double with Brian and Lulu, at 2 Pm Eastern, that's...6 PM in the UK for this week, attention attention attention, on the home of the yodelling guys, Mushroom FM.