For 1 week only, 4 PM Saturday, Nothing but Country on Mosen On Down

This week, I'm filling in for Bruce Toews at 4 Pm Eastern. What a privilege to be in the TOTW hot seat. And What a privilege to be sandwiched between the mighty music machine and the telephonic Musical Web.
I believe it's most gratifying to fulfil one's fantasies. every so often, and this week, I'm gonna check one more fantasy off the list. I've always wanted to have a go at hosting a country show. When I was a kid, we listened to a lot of country on long car trips, people like Jim Reeves, Charlie Pride, Willie Nelson and more. More recently, having spent a lot of time working in the US, I came to enjoy a lot of modern country.
So I hope you'll join me for Mosen On Down, two hours of a wide range of country from yesterday and today. It goes without saying that your requests are very I won't say that. Y'all tune in now, ya hear?