at 2 PM Eastern, 7 UK, It's the Wild and Windy Mosen Explosion

We are delighted to be exploding once again from the windy city. A few cities around the world call themselves that, Chicago for one. But I think Wellington may be the windiest national capital around. And boy, it's getting horrifically windy out there! Couple all this horrifically windy horrific wind with some explosive fun, and you can be sure we'll be blowing the cobwebs away.
We have a bumper banana report addition this week, with two bananas and one honorary banana who always brings cookies when she visits. She needs to visit more often, that's what she needs to do!
There is an unusually high number of stories about weddings in the wacky news this week. Bonnie has her bulletin, we'll look at this day in history, and I might just be talked into a tech review of a really cute, highly functional foldable Bluetooth keyboard! Golly!
It's the Mosen Explosion, right after Brian and Lulu with Down for Double at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 UK, 7 AM in New Zealand. Only on the one, the only station where the answer is blowing in the wind, Mushroom FM at