We're Cutting Over to canada on this week's A Cuppa at the Mosens

We’re cutting over to Canada for this week’s “A Cuppa at the Mosens” Thursday 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. EST on www.mushroomfm.com and in all your fav music apps.
A few months ago, we started interviewing the folks who make MushroomFM the magical station it is. The first fun guy, or rather fun gal, in the hot seat was Sara Hillis of the Sara Hillis show and Come by the Hills. And on this week’s show, we feature another Canadian, Steve Cutway of “The Early Years”.
Steve has had a long career in broadcasting and assistive technology, and when he isn’t spinning tunes on the Shroom, he’s cruising the world with his wife Nancy.
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