The Mosen Explosion

The Mosen Explosion with Jonathan Mosen

About Me

I’m Jonathan Mosen, the founder of Mushroom FM and the host of The Mosen Explosion. It’s been a trippy ride so far on the rollercoaster that is life. If you’d like to learn more about me, you can visit my bio page.

About the show

the Mosen Explosion airs weekdays at 2 AM Eastern. If that’s stupid o’clock for you, I have good news! It replays 12 hours later at 2 PM Eastern time. So do you have an excuse to miss it? Absolutely not! Remember you can check the schedule page right here on the Mushroom FM site to find out when that is in your time zone.

The Mosen Explosion aims to be, in a word, fun. Join me for some great music, listener conversation, and fun stuff.

I try to make the show like the ones I enjoyed listening to as a kid, with plenty of jingles, use of funny little audio snippets and a fast pace. Listeners get in touch with requests or just to say hi, and I love that.
Special features include:
• Interesting tidbits from the news that make you go "hmmm". Well, OK, sometimes they may make you go "huh"? And yes it's true, sometimes they even make you go "dude!"
• The Brain Exploder. This is where you come in. At the beginning of the show, I pose a poser, because posers are for posing I am supposing. I pose the poser, and then your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discuss the poser on Twitter using our Mushroom FM hashtag. You can debate the poser with other listeners, and at the end of the show, I'll give you the answer. There are no prizes if you get it right, but I mean who can put a price on pride? The value of bragging rights is simply incalculable!

But mostly, we spend our time playing a huge variety of great music. If I have it, I’ll play it, no matter what the genre. Much of what we play is driven by you, and that’s the way we like it.

If you’re a new listener, we’ll induct you as a friend of the show by exploding you. Yes, this is one place where being exploded is actually a good thing!

Keeping In Touch and Making Requests

It’s easy to keep in touch with the Mosen Explosion.

Let your voice be heard!

It's cool to hear the voices of our listeners. So why not give the Explodaphone a call. The number, in the USA, is 864-60Mosen, that's 864-606-6736.

Email the Show

If you’d like to make a request for the show, Email me any time and I’ll do what I can to help. The address for requests by Email is my first name at mushroomfm dot com. Sorry, but I have to spell it out that way to try and keep the nasty spam spam spam spam spam spammers away.

You can also contribute by voice this way. Record an audio file on your smartphone or computer, attach it to an email, and send it to me over the email thing

Toot at me on Mastodon

If you're on Mastodon, so am I. You can give me a follow on Mastodon

Email Lists

If you would like to be Emailed announcements about what is coming up on the show, as well as information about specials that may be heard from time to time, please subscribe to the Mosen Media email list. It's announcements only, low traffic, and you can unsubscribe any time.

Just send a blank message to