Paskell's Pop Vault

What comes to mind when you think of the word, vault? Perhaps an old cellar full of old possessions, maybe a seldom opened safe of valuables, or even a bank treasure trove brimming with undiscovered secrets. Though vaults come in all shapes and sizes, they all purvey a sense of mystery and unexplored adventure, not least due to the perils that may befall the unwise intruder who dares to enter without permission.

The good news is that you are warmly invited to take a tour of my Pop Vault here on Mushroom FM. Let me be your guide through my collection of mostly top 40 hits from the 90's and 2,000's, with a generous mix of album tracks and the occasional foray into unreleased territory for good measure. Naturally in a world of overflowing stacked boxes, some things may be unintentionally dislodged during the search for an item, so expect to be treated to the odd 60's tune, Blues number, or Classical piece now and then.

Searching and exploring vaults is always great fun, so do send along your musical suggestions for me to find. Vaults are not always blessed with completely accurate inventory data, so in the event that I can't find your request straight away, I'll do my best to sort things out before the next tour.

For now, my tours through the Pop Vault are arranged well ahead of time, so your best way to contact me is by emailing You can also tweet me @Dazareth using the #MushroomFM hashtag.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you in Paskell's Pop Vault very soon.