80s Lady, with Bonnie Mosen

80s Lady, with Bonnie Mosen

Hi, I’m Bonnie Mosen, chief omelet maker and tea barista at Mosen Towers.

Welcome to 80s Lady, my spot under the mighty mushroom.

I have always possessed a talent for music...spinning the dial to find a favourite station or pushing buttons on the cd player. Since I did a lot of growing up in the 80s, music from the 80s is my favourite. The songs take me back to the people, places and experiences that had a major impact on my life and upbringing. And the music of the 1980s is incredibly diverse.

If you love the 80s as much as I do, I hope you will join me each week night at 8 PM US Eastern time for an hour of great 80s tunes.

We'll occasionally have special themed shows, and on my Friday flashback I'll examine some unique cultural or political event that was unique to the decade.

Also, be sure to check out the talk show Jonathan and I host together, a Cuppa at the Mosens

Getting in Touch

If you want to contact me, email bonnie at mushroomfm dot com, or tweet @BonnieMosen. Don’t forget to use, and track, the hashtag #MushroomFM

Thanks so much for listening.