The Depths with Bob Kanish

Hi there. My name is Bob Kanish, and I'm a music-o-holic. they always say that admitting it is the first step.

With that in mind, I am cordially inviting you to take a journey with me into The Depths of classic rock. Wait! Before you say, "Oh man, not another classic rock show", let me explain...

The years from about 1967 through about 1975 were an incredibly fertile time for that abstract
concept known as rock. Bands were experimenting with all kinds of sounds -- everything from psychedelic studio effects, to heavier guitar sounds, to full classical orchestrations, to improvisational jazz -- all within a rock framework.

At the same time, progressive FM rock stations were beginning to come into their own. The DJ's would string together longer sets of these amazing songs; even mixing in a bit of jazz, blues, or even classical music when it fit the mood.

The amount of great music that was produced back then, and played on these early FM stations is astounding, yet 90% of it is completely ignored by today's classic rock radio. That's where my show, The Depths, comes in.

Each Saturday night at 11:00 PM Eastern we will go on a musical excursion together -- venturing deep into all of these amazing artists and songs -- many of which you've either never heard before, or at least haven't heard in 40 plus years.

In the true progressive FM rock tradition, you will hear a little jazz, blues, and even a brand new track from a classic artist as well. don't worry, as we travel together, these diversions will feel more like unexpectedly pleasant forks in the road, rather than sharp left turns.

So, if your musical mind has a sense of adventure, and your ears are thirsty for the unfamiliar, set your dial for Mushroom FM, and let me guide you through The Depths.

You can contact me via Twitter any time at @bkanish