What’s Anthony playing in the Shed?

Tune in from 11pm eastern tonight and find out.
It’ll be four crazy hours, from 4am Sunday in the UK and 3Pm here in good old New Zealand.
The triple threat is back, and yet another Live and loud segment.
As usual the music selection will be all over the place, as I play whatever pops into my head.
Of course, if you want to stop me from playing whatever I want, simply send me a request.
E-mail: anthony at mushroomfm dot com
Or find me on Twitter: @kiwisnake
Look forward to seeing ya!

The Mosen Explosion, this week the show with big news and new buttons

There are certain truths in life. Death, taxes, and no one does special events quite like Mushroom Fm.

It's a Back To School Bonair

It’s a back to school Bonair this Saturday from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST on and in all your fav music apps. As students and teachers in the Northern hemisphere head back to the classroom, we will salute them with some great, and not so great, tunes about school, education, and anything else to get you in the mood for learning. We will share memories, good and bad, about teachers and classmates. In “Food for Thought” we will talk about healthy lunches, the lunchbox, and the nightmare of cafeteria cuisine.

It's Time to Travel this Week on Come by the Hills!

If you're longing to rove or are filled with wanderlust, you won't want to miss this week's edition of Come by the Hills: the Celtic Music Show with Sara Hillis. We'll be playing all kinds of songs about journeying and pilgrimage, along with a couple of listener requests and of course our usual features.

We'll hear from a wide range of artists, all with that unique Celtic sound, including: Mary Black, Planxty, Enya, Eric Bogle, The Irish Rovers and many more! There'll even be some Celtic Gregorian Chant!

Replay of Come by the Hills: the Celtic Music Show with Sara Hillis, Friday at 4:00 AM Eastern

Yes, in case you missed the first show on Sunday, or even if you just want to listen to it again, I'll be with you again through the magic of the mushroom pot on Friday morning at 4:00 AM Eastern!

You'll hear some of the songs and artists that got me interested in Celtic music in the first place, as well as interesting features like "What's That About?", "Fiddlin' Around," and "Celtic Covers!"

Listen to a feature about us on the Eyes on Success Podcast

We were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Pete and Nancy from the Eyes on Success Podcast about the great entertainment we're providing here at Mushroom FM.

If you'd like to hear about what we're doing, how we do it, why we do it and how you can get involved, then do take a listen to this week's edition of Eyes on Success.

Relaxing New Instrumental Music Show

Now, there is a smoothe, relaxing way to close out your Sunday night, and get ready for the coming week. It's called Moon Dreams, and it airs Sunday evenings, for two hours, starting at 11:00 PM Eastern. The show features gentle, instrumental music, similar to what was called New Age music in the 1990's. It is generally slow-paced, contemplative, and essentially devoid of a presenter's personality. There is no jabber, no one talking, no one to disturb your private meditations, as you wind down for the day, just a gentle, relaxing harmonic soundscape for your comfort and ease.

What's on The Living Years this week?

The Living Years is MushroomFM's new daily show featuring the great music from the 1970s and 1980s presented by myself Gordon Luke.

Each day we look back at the events from the musical history and celebrate the birthdays of people from the music industry.

The Mosen Explosion: with eyes that don't see in the dark

Welcome! I just dropped in, to see what condition your condition is in, and to tell you that we are exploding once again on the mighty marvellous Mushroom FM.

Toot! Toot! Toot! It's the Birthday Bonair

Toot! Toot! Toot! It’s the birthday Bonair! Saturday 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST on and in all your fav music apps. I’m back from the Romance Writers of New Zealand conference and will be sharing the love with lots of funny stories and antic dotes from four days with 130 women wordsmiths, two men who hold the pen, and a Hollywood screenwriter. But more important, it’s my birthday, so I will be playing all the songs I love and yours too, if you wish me a happy birthday.


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