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Mara's Musical Tapestry: Let me in!

So, one time, there was this little radio show on a little outfit called mushroomFM. but it was so very early in the morning that nobody cared about it.

Hi, it's Mara Kelland and I'd love it if you'd let me in, just for an hour on Sunday morning, 8Am uS Eastern time (midnight monday in NZ) and replayed Tuesdays 8pm NZT.

I am going to make a special show this week. it's about you - all requests from you. so get 'em in quick! If you don't say I pick 'em.

Beethoven 250 on Viva: The Classical Music Show this week

Well it's lockdown here in New Zealand which is slightly annoying but the show must go on.

This week on Viva it's Beethoven Symphony no 2 op 34. Along with that we have Mozart K576 and some Schubert from kathleen Ferrier.
Hope to see you there on Sunday at 8am US Eastern time or on Tuesday in NZ.

Viva: The classical Music Show is back with Beethoven250!

Hello all,
Mara Kelland, the host of Viva: The classical music Show here. Am I glad to be back!?

We begin with Beethoven 250 - a festival of the master's music. over the next few weeks we will feature a full cycle of Beethoven Symphonies.

A long side that, we will play Mozart sonatas and surprises from the vocal world. It's all happening on mushroomFM on Sunday at 8am US Eastern. And there is a repeat at a new time for New Zealand followers. Check

Easter Sunday on Viva: The Classical Music Show

At 8am Sunday US eastern time or 8pm Tuesday in NZ, celebrate the Easter season with me. I look forward to your company.

This week on Viva, we have Bach, Wagner and, somebody you don't hear much of, Mascagni.

Bach Lives on Viva

Hello all, the host of "Viva: The Classical Music Show", Mara Kelland, here to serenade you in text form once more. It has been a long time since I have done this so apologies for any bloopers I make. Hopefully I will be able too do this much more in the future as time permits.

New Zealand Music on Viva!

Hello all-
May is New Zealand music month. Now it's viva's turn to feature classical music of New Zealand.

We have music by Lilburn, New Zealand's first composer. We also have a piece by Gareth Farr, From the Deapths sound The great Sea Gongs. There is choral music too - by David Hamilton.

See you there on Viva: the classical music show on Sunday at 8am Eastern time.

Ecl ectism on Viva

Hello all-
This is Mara Kelland and I'm here to share with you the eclectic nature of classical music on Viva this week.

The show airs as always at 8am Sunday [US Eastern] or replays on Tuesday at 9pm in New Zealand.

This week we have music by Debussy, Britten, Rutter, Purcell and Morley [a very special madrigal for the month of May.] Also as spring is here we have a piece from Copland's Appalachian Spring.

I hope you will join me!

French Composers continue to live on Viva

Hello all-
I hope you can join me on Sunday morning at 8am Eastern time or Tuesday at 8pm local time in New Zealand.
This week on Viva, the classical music show, we continue a journey begun last week with the work of Claude Debussy. French composers continue to live with recordings by Poulenc, Faure and Satie. As well as one big work by Debussy, Sonata for flute, viola and harp.

See you then.

Debussy Is Living on Viva: The Classical Music show!

Hello all, this week on Viva at 8am Eastern on Sunday or 4am Eastern on Tuesday we take an in-depth look at the music of Claude Debussy ]1862-1918].

We hear his impressions of the sea [La Mer] and of young children. And his nocturnes from 1899.
Join me on Viva, the classical music show here on MushroomFM.

The Land Sings on

Hello all-
This week on The Land Sings, we have more music music, the folk and not so folk.

Tracks by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar, Bruce Springsteen, Judy collins and Joan Baez and Stan Rogers and lots more.

Don't forget you can tweet @musicalmara or email with any questions, comments, requests or feedback.

See you all there at 11pm ET tomorrow, Thursday.


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