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The Pop Vault's here, so where's Paskell?

A good day to you from a place of quarantine - yes, this dear friends is the soul communication permitted as the Pop Vault is under a state of siege. Rumour has it that the Vault Master himself has been indisposed for an indeterminate period due to an unauthorised foreign intrusion.

We're ready for another Pop Vault Break-In

Greetings, One and All! I'm delighted to be able to tell you that “Paskell's Pop Vault” has been broken open afresh this week. The break-in may be short-lived - our presence will be cut short after a mere hour, but that's still plenty of time to throw in a few commemorative tunes.

Paskell's Pop Vault; About to be Opened for the First Time!

Hi Everyone. I'm writing to invite you to enter my Pop Vault for the very first time here on Mushroom FM from 7 PM Eastern, Midnight UK Time, straight after Axel's Rocked the Mushroom.

Our first delve will last an hour and contain several recent discoveries including new music from two of my favourite active bands. We'll begin with a friendly boogie and later play a James Bond theme plus two very different versions of a song by Radiohead. I'll also be seeking your suggestions for party tunes you love to hear, especially while celebrating at weddings.


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