The Pop Vault's here, so where's Paskell?

A good day to you from a place of quarantine - yes, this dear friends is the soul communication permitted as the Pop Vault is under a state of siege. Rumour has it that the Vault Master himself has been indisposed for an indeterminate period due to an unauthorised foreign intrusion.

As the said master, let me reassure you that all is well with the vault and almost back up to speed with the master. However, I'm afraid I am not quite able to bring you a new tour of our formidable musical storage facilities this week. On the upside, I can tell you about a brand new start time! Yes indeed, should you have missed our previous exploration featuring a small tribute to Downton Abbey, you can hear it once again today at our new time from 4PM Eastern, 1PM Pacific and 9PM in the UK and Ireland, right after the latest fruity treat from Lulu's magnificent Jazz Cafe.

As ever, your greetings, requests and suggestions for musical gems, not to mention cold/flu combat strategies are most welcome. Just email or tweet @Dazareth with the #MushroomFM hashtag.

See you soon!