We're ready for another Pop Vault Break-In

Greetings, One and All! I'm delighted to be able to tell you that “Paskell's Pop Vault” has been broken open afresh this week. The break-in may be short-lived - our presence will be cut short after a mere hour, but that's still plenty of time to throw in a few commemorative tunes.

  • For the benefit of those of us diving into a new semester of teaching or study, I'll play my go-to track for adrenaline reactivation.
  • We'll also find out the identity of the first CD ever to make its way into my collection.
  • Furthermore, we have a small treat for fans of the Downton Abbey period drama which is set to reappear on TV screens later this week.

Join me from 7pm Eastern (this evening), 4pm Pacific (this afternoon) and midnight BST (early on Tuesday in the UK and Ireland), right after Bonnie's totally awesome “Everything Eighties show”. In the event that you can't be with us, check out our “What's On When” page for replays later this week.

As ever, your greetings, requests and dedications are most welcome. Just email darren@MushroomFM.com or tweet @Dazareth with the #MushroomFM hashtag.

Merci beaucoup!