Welcome to The Shed, my home on Mushroom FM

Welcome to the Shed, my name is Anthony Horvath, and it's good to be back on Mushroom FM after all this time!

You may remember some of my earlier shows:
Monday Mayhem, The Beer Fridge, The Friday Free for All and of course, The Kiwi Connection.
This time you can join me in my shed, every Saturday from 11:00 pm Eastern, that's 4:00 am Sunday in the UK, or 3:00 pm Sunday afternoon in New Zealand.
It will be four hours of great music, and fun!

I love music, so will mix it up as well as I can. You won't know what's up next, sometimes I won't even know myself!
You can however, look forward to the Triple Threat where we feature three track, back-to-back-to-back from a particular artist or group.
The Live and Loud segment also returns with three tracks which are played and they are very much live, although not always loud.
The best bit is, you get to make requests!
In fact, the more request I get the less I'll have to come up with myself, which will limit how crazy and mixed up my song choices could, or should I say, will be.

How can you contact me?

You can e-mail me: anthony@mushroomfm.com
Or hit me up on that Twitter thing:
I'll look forward to your company in the shed, where just about anything goes!