A Mosen Explosion Listener? Join our new Mosen Explosion Facebook group

From the “I must get around to this sometime” department, I’m pleased to let you know that The Mosen Explosion now has a Facebook group.

The Mosen Explosion has been going for a very long time, so it’s understandable that many of our listeners have gotten to know each other through the show.

Sometimes it’s fun to continue a discussion when the show is over. Perhaps you have ideas that we might consider for a future show. Maybe you have memories of some music we played or some event we talked about.

Whatever the reason for keeping in touch with other listeners, our new Mosen Explosion Facebook group is another way to stay connected.

To join the group, head on over now to this groovy and highly worthwhile URL.


Thanks in advance for being a part of our little community on the big community. And remember, Mushroom FM itself is on Facebook too, so be sure to like it if you’ve not done so already.