The Hour of Smiles

Wednesday, May 27, sees the debut of a new show on Mushroom FM, hosted by Bruce Toews. Come join us at 8:00 PM Eastern time for the Hour of Smiles, a family-friendly hour of fun and laughs featuring the best in classic recorded comedy. Bruce loves his comedy, and he loves sharing it with you, the listener. Weird Al Yankovic, Flanders and Swan, Tom Lehrer, Victor Borge, Stan Freberg, Peter Sellers, and the Royal Canadian Air Farce - these are just some of the people you'll hear from every week on the Hour of Smiles. If you can't catch the show the first time around, we have you covered. It will repeat Saturday mornings at 6:00 AM Eastern time, that's late morning in the UK.

If you have a favorite piece of comedy you'd like to hear, just let Bruce know. He's always glad to hear from you. Send your request to bruce at

So come along for a fun ride. Listen to the Hour of Smiles, only on the Home of the Fun Guys, Mushroom FM!