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The War of the Worlds on Mushroom Escape

If you listen to The Dusty Attic on Mushroom Escape today (Monday), you will hear Ryan playing much of The War of the Worlds, the infamous radio broadcast from October 30, 1938. Ryan also discusses the broadcast in-depth and demystifies some of the facts and myths surrounding this iconic hour of radio.

The Return of Mushroom Escape

Many of you will remember, back in the days of Mushroom FM 1.0, a sister station which we had called Mushroom Escape, playing a variety of old-time radio.

Mushroom Escape is, as of right now, back on the air! Bruce Toews has spent a great deal of time over the last few months planning the revived station, learning a new automation system, and implementing it all, and he is sure you will enjoy the new station.

We have more of a variety than ever this time around - everything from Christian to comedy, mystery to quiz shows, theatre, science fiction, and a whole lot more.

Touring the Alphabet on the Early Years

Unfortunately, this week Steve Cutway is not going to be able to bring you the Early Years. So, scraping the bottom of the barrel, Mushroom FM has dug up Bruce Toews to sit in the air chair in steve's place.

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