There's still a Mosen Explosion in these changing times

If there’s one thing that’s constant, it’s change. Oh the irony. Even time isn’t constant anymore. A few weeks ago, New Zealand’s clocks went forward for the summer. This meant that I started my show an hour later, since we keep US Eastern time, which didn’t change.

Last weekend, the clocks went back in Europe and the UK. This meant that for the last week, Mushroom FM shows have been an hour earlier in that part of the world, since US Eastern time hadn’t gone back.

And now, finally, the clocks go back in the US this weekend. This means that shows from Sunday will be back at their normal time in the UK again, and that since the gap in time between New Zealand and America will change yet again, I will be able to start my show one more hour later starting next week. Confusing, eh? Don’t you think it’s time we just dumped all this daylight saving soup as a failed experiment? Anyway, it’s a good reason to play a few songs about time in this week’s show.

We’ll be talking a bit about mechanical keyboards thanks to listener contributions, and the disrespect some show to Braille by not capitalising the B continues to incur the wrath of listeners. Good for them.

I’ll be talking a bit about how I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway, Bonnie will be here with her bulletin, and we’ll look back at this day in history. All this alongside plenty of listener feedback on The Mosen Explosion, at 2 PM Eastern, 6 PM this week in the UK, 7 AM in New Zealand on Mushroom FM.