This week on the Mosen Explosion, food, glorious food!

Despite the fact that I am a major political junky and have been following the unpredictable twists and turns of the Brexit drama, despite the fact that the UK House of Commons will be holding its first Saturday session since the Falkland Islands war, despite the fact that I’ll probably be a very tired dude having been up all night listening to history unfolding, I’ll be here with you on the Mosen Explosion this weekend at the usual time. What can I say, I just love catching up with our listening family too much.

We will of course be talking about all the drama that will have unfolded by the time the show starts. But since we’ve been doing a lot of tech talk the last few weeks, which is only natural due to it being iPhone and iOS time, we’ll be talking about a few other things this week, as well as one or two tech stories.

Robin Christopherson’s message from last week about the peanut butter and banana sandwich he was eating, which to me is the height of utter disgustingness and grossness, got me thinking. If there is one food you absolutely detest, what is it and why. If there is one food you can never get enough of, what is it and why? The more creative your answer, the better. Of course, it absolutely goes without saying, soup is a four letter word. Nuff said.

Bonnie will be back with her Bonnie bulletin, we’ll look back at this week in history, and we’ll hear your contributions as well.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all, so I hope to have the pleasure of your company live at 2 PM US Eastern time, 7 PM in the land of Boris, 7 AM in New Zealand, only on the marvellous and mighty Mushroom FM.