Funny voice dictation errors, A WWDC recap and plenty of great music on The Mosen explosion, Saturday at 2 PM Eastern

After last week, I wrote to Mushroom FM management asking if I did well enough to be allowed back on at 2 PM US Eastern time, 7 PM UK on Saturday. That’s bright and early at 6 AM on a Sunday morning in New Zealand.

Mushroom FM management wrote back and said I was marginally, but only marginally, better than dead air and that I may as well have another show. This puts a new take on the old song, “I’m going to sit right down and write myself a letter”.

This week, I’ll be recapping what for me were some of the key things to come out of Apple’s WWDC in which they made some significant software announcements. I’ll be very keen to get your take on all that was announced.

One of our regular, long-suffering listeners named Petra suggested that we have a discussion about our funniest dictation errors. The fact that dictation is so error-prone, particularly on iOS, is why I very seldom use it. But I think I’m now in the minority. I regularly get emails and texts that the sender has seen fit not to correct and are riddled with errors to the point that some are nearly incomprehensible. And while I’m ranting, grumble grumble, get off my lawn! So, have a think, and let me know about some of the funniest dictation errors you’ve either created or received.

Nancy Sinatra is blowing out 79 candles. Golly gosh! We’ll feature a few Nancy tracks to celebrate.

Bonnie’s back with her bulletin, we look back at this day in history, and there’s plenty of room for your interaction.

What an action-packed show that will be made all the better if you’re an active part in it. See you in our shiny new Saturday slot, Sunday in New Zealand, only on the mighty Mushroom FM.