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I’m Jonathan Mosen, the host of The Daily Fibre, which airs week days at 3 AM Eastern time, repeated 12 hours later. Hey, don't judge, 3 AM Eastern is a highly civilised 7 PM in New Zealand in winter.

As part of my work for the technology consultancy company I founded, Mosen Consulting, I read a lot of technology news. I know technology is a subject that interests many people, and the pace of innovation means that it can be a tough subject
to keep up with.

That's why I combine my love of great music from the 50s to the 80s with my thirst for cutting edge tech news. It's a unique blend of talk and music I call The Daily Fibre.

You can contribute as well, with your observations, questions and comments about tech.

Do give it a listen. My aim is to both inform and entertain.

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On Monday's edition, we'll be looking at Sonos officially going public, is Microsoft's new foldable Surface being scrapped, a cool new microphone for musicians and podcasters, and much more.

Do join me every week day at 3 AM and PM Eastern for The Daily Fibre.