If you're on earth, and even if you're not, join The Mosen Explosion on Earth Day

The Mosen explosion is back for yet another week. Four hours of live, fun, interactive radio with plenty of friendly chat and some music of utter epicness.

The show will go out on Earth Day, however, we want to reassure our many listeners on other planets that we do not intend to be exclusionary, and that even though we may mention Earth Day from time-to-time, we value listeners from no matter where in the universe, or other universes, or dimensions our minds are not yet aware of that they may be listening.

The 22nd of April would have been Glen Campbell’s birthday, so he is our featured artist this week. If you have any particular Glen Campbell favourites, feel free to phone, tweet or email and I’ll do my best to play them for you.

Bonnie’s back with another busy bulletin, we look back at this day in history, and much more.

It’s all on The Mosen Explosion, 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK on Sundays, that’s bright and early on Monday morning at 6 AM Eastern, only on Mushroom Fm.